What is ACTIVVIS? 

At ACTIVVIS, we are champions of sustainability. Our fabrics are derived from natural cellulose fibres that are extracted from wood pulp. Yes, we are plant-based! Through our careful and conscious approach, we are focusing on implementing sustainable business practices in three key areas: 


  • Resource Preservation – Being that wood is our main raw material, our manufacturing partners only source wood from FSC certified sustainable forests.
  • Closed-Loop Manufacturing – Our manufacturing partners employ some of the most innovative production methods to reduce and in some cases operate completely carbon neutral production processes.
  • Biodegradability – Majority of our fabric mixes are completely biodegradable.


    We are on a purposeful journey to fuel a movement away from synthetics and empower a community of sustainable activists. As our name implies, an activist is someone who fights for political or social change. We want our community to feel empowered to do exactly that!

    While on a trip to Australia visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Founder & CEO of ACTIVVIS, Matteo Stefan, was deeply disturbed after witnessing first hand the devastating effects of climate change. Losing more than half its Corals since 1995 due to rising sea temperatures driven by greenhouse gas emissions, one of the world's greatest treasures is on the verge of mass extinction. Being the entrepreneurial spirited individual that he is, Matteo sought to start a socially responsible impact business built on the foundations of quality and trust. A company fuelled by ambition and a deep-rooted love for the environment, ACTIVVIS is a family of would-be climate activists setting sail on a journey to offer high quality activewear in concert with restoring the health and integrity of our planet.


    Check out our materials page for an in depth dive into our fabrics.