Revitalized Long Sleeve

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Introducing Revitalized - this highly innovative eco-friendly fiber is produced using the Lyocell Smartcell process. This smooth and silky fiber uses Zinc as an additive to actively transfer zinc ions from fabric to human skin. The enzyme building capabilities of Zinc gives this fabric some amazing natural properties such as protection against harmful UVA and UVB, anti-inflammatory protection for individuals with sensitive skin, and anti-bacterial protection against odor-causing bacteria. This soothing, entirely biodegradable fiber is a natural healer and is produced in a completely closed-loop production where no chemicals are released. Not only is it good for's even better for the environment. The epitome of an active impact. It's loose fit feel is designed for maximum comfort!

  • Buttery soft, breathable blend
  • Odor resistant and UVB radiation protection
  • Strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties from Zinc Oxide
  • Designed to shape and flatter every size
  • Wear-Tested by our in house team for a faultless fit
  • Plant-based fabric


  • 70% Rayon
  • 20% Organic Cotton
  • 10% Lyocell SmartcelTM